Buho Rock Resort

After exploring Timubo Cave, we went to Buho Rock Resort which is located in Poro, Camotes Island, Cebu Philippines.

❓ You might wonder how we get here? Try to check
Camotes Island, Cebu Philippines: How to get there?

Buho Rock Resort is an abandoned resort, but its beauty still inspires. From the viewing deck, you need to walk a steep flight of winding stairs to get to the main structure. You can enjoy a dive which is roughly 20-30 feet from your drop-off point, then swim your way towards the nearby shore, and go up the stairs, BUT I tell you it’s not safe hence the resort is not well-maintained.

Take a look these photos!

Nature. Huge rocks. Horizon. It’s an abandoned resort, but still beautiful.

You might want to visit Santiago White Beach, Mangodlong Rock Resort, Lake Danao Park, and Timubo Cave. These are just some of the beautiful places in Camotes Island, Cebu Philippines.


2 thoughts on “Buho Rock Resort

  1. This is pretty cool, it must be really weird and interesting to wonder around an abandoned resort, looks beautiful still too.

    • I agree! It’s weird and interesting. At first I thought, “what are we getting in this abandoned resort?” But as we get in, we found the answers. We get ourselves satisfied with the view. 😀

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